Saturday, 5 September 2009

I don't remember phone numbers anymore

I once read a Science Fiction in which the humans race had forgotten how to read. At first technology replaced the need, they held a hand over the book and pictured a special pattern in their head and the words entered the mind via nanotechnology . However, over time people turned to books less and less and soon no one remembered the special pattern that activated the automatic “reading function”. With out this no one could make words enter the mind by simply placing there hand over the page and no one remembered what the squiggles on the page meant.

My mobile phone battery died today and I needed to phone someone, My first thought was to use the land line at work but this was stymied by the fact that I could not remember the number. I usually just scroll down the menu and hit the green button. This inability to recall 8 digits was made somewhat sadder by the fact that the number in question was my home phone.

I gave it some thought and I realized I could not remember a single number in my phone – the only numbers that come to mind are ones that I learned 15- 20 years ago, most of which are useless now as the friends who go with these numbers have long since moved, I could however ring the parents of a childhood friend.

In the story, nobody cared that they could not read anymore, except one guy but he had a lot of strange ideas. For example he also thought fathers should have a roll in the raising of children and he liked to walk places instead of being “faxed” there, stuff like that.

My point: None except, I don't remember phone numbers anymore.